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Chiropractic provides balance and wellness to the human/equine athlete, K9 competitors, and canine companions. Animals like humans, suffer from injuries, ailments and abnormal bio-mechanics in their spine and musculoskeletal systems that can be balanced with chiropractic care. Whether it's from rigorous training, inactivity or past trauma chiropractic should always be the first line of defense in healing. Chiropractic care focuses on restoring balance, optimizing movement patterns, and promoting overall health. It can be the simplest yet most effective way to restore proper function and reach overall performance goals. With resort to solving often complex problems quickly with minimal invasiveness.

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Horse health

Equine Chiropractic Therapy

Horses are known as prey animals and masking their injuries is known as as an imperative defense mechanism in the wild. An expert vet or chiropractor assessment can find things that are maybe being overlooked. Altered performance and expressions of pain may be very subtle and need thorough examining to uncover.

Horse health

Regular Maintenance Adjustments

When in doubt, first align. Regular maintenance starts with a comprehensive exam and high-velocity, low-amplitude thrusts. Treatment for your animal is normally once every six months, being that they are usually balanced longer than humans since their spine lies horizontally not vertical.

Post-injury Rehabilitation

Assisting your horse to regain strength and mobility after accidents or injuries.

Specialized Senior Horse Care

Ensuring the golden years are comfortable and dignified. Joint mobility is imperative and can lead a horse to perform like they once did in their youth.

K- 9 Chiropractic Alignment

Pups as well as adults dogs are assessed and remedied with chiropractic treatments on an appropriate basis.

Chiropractic Joints Alignment

Human adjustments are delivered upon request using a portable table and massage gun. They take less time but often require more frequency to correct the problem.


Dr. Alexander Moore

Doctor Alex was raised around chiropractic all of his life. He grew up on a horse farm in Seaford, Delaware. He was first introduced to chiropractic at an early age when he sustained injury in a skiing accident and once again in the Military when serving during Operation Iraqi freedom. In his words "not only did I feel the necessity to get adjusted regularly I knew I wanted to tell more people about it so I became one. I also wanted to deliver it to animals once I found out they could recieve adjustments as well." Dr Moore's family would give riding lessons in Delaware. "Animals enrich our lives. With all they give us its easy to overlook when they need to be taken care of." Dr Moore Volunteers with the local animal shelters helping out where he can adjusting animals, helping veterans and therapy horses. With alternative medicine becoming more mainstream he feels its been and will continue to be more and more rewarding as it progresses.


In Addition to our commitment towards excellence :

It's essential to ensure that a qualified professional conducts chiropractic care and that it complements, not replaces, regular veterinary assessments.

Head Pain

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Sport Injuries

complimentary consult

Tailored Treatments

Complementary to Veterinary Care

Proactive Health Maintenance

Quicker Rehabilitation

Enhanced Flexibility


Our horses are athletes, that means sometimes their bodies need a little tlc. George got a visit from the chiropractor to make sure he is in tip top shape for the rest of the show season. Thanks Dr. Alex!




Atlanta, Georgia


I met Dr. Moore two years ago. He worked with my pony Ebony. We hit it off instantly! His love for animals and love for his profession was very apparent and quickly made me feel at ease. He’s very patient, kind, informative and very professional!! I’m thankful to have met him, he even helped me with a nagging lower back pain no one could pin point. I highly recommend his services. He’s top notch. You won’t regret it!


Claudia Mason

Parker, Colorado


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